Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nostalgic Rainy Day Treasures

Today was a good rainy day for sorting through more of my finds which I have stored away waiting for such a day!  Last year I helped to clear out a family attic (Trixie's, of the dress fame - see article 11th July 2010 in Homes & Antiques magazine.)  I came across boxes and boxes of postcards, photos and other memorabilia, some of which I thought I would share.

Love the old chocolate box with huge satin bow - chocs don't come wrapped like that anymore!

The cards date from the 40s and 50s - postcards, birthday cards and some Christmas cards which I am hoping to do something inspirational with nearer the time - need some ideas if anyone has any!  Here are some close-ups

Just love the colours from those days gone by ... (bit before my time!)

Whilst rooting through a cupboard also found this doll buried at the back - I'm sure she was loved one day (despite looking a bit scary).  I would think she is made from celluloid.  She is a bit delicate but has some lovely hand-made clothes, including a Victorian nightie.  Trixie was born in 1918 so this doll may have belonged to her or perhaps her mother?  Trixie was a cousin of my grandmothers.


  1. Hi angela
    could you forward me your email address so i can send you the details about the handmade heart swap please :)
    deezkatz(at) x

  2. hi- just had to say what a great blog you have, and I love the way you've set out the header photo- that yellow fabric is gorgeous!
    Hope to pop back soon

  3. Thanks so much for visiting the fair in Harborough on Saturday and for taking the time to comment. I think your blog is really nice, I love the photos of the 40s/50s cards.