Monday, 23 August 2010

My thrifty weekend (I like cups!!)

Over the gate in Warkton village
If there are two cups above gate pic - there was a slight technical hitch. Please say if the link doesn't work!

Spent a lovely Saturday morning at Deanne and Michelle's first craft market at Warkton, a lovely village close to Kettering in Northants.  Splashed out on some new dangly earrings made by Michelle and a felt leaf keyring made by Deanne.  How nice to wander round with no kids (or husband! asking "can we go now?" ) and buy something that someone else has created.  Other stalls included American cookie kits, mixed media art and lovely hand-knitted lacy scarves from home-dyed wool. Thought I might have a go at selling some of my cushions and housey accessories on a stall there sometime soon - need to build up a bit of a stash first though

Did a few essential bits at home and then on Sunday off to my local car boot sale at Saddington.  Met up with a friend and did some joint bargain-hunting.  Found these lovely vintage cups and saucers and snapped them up - because you can never have enough! Picked up a great table - French inspired? for a fiver.  Took it home and gave it a coat of Briwax. Will look good near my authentic French dresser which I'll tell you about next time ...


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