Friday, 13 August 2010

The Trixie Dress!

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Thought I'd start by telling you about the dress that I came across when clearing out an elderly relative's attic last year.  Sadly Trixie died and had no immediate family, so it was left to me to sort out her lifetime's possessions - and when I say a 'lifetime' I mean 90 year's worth of family treasures and memorabilia. Up in the attic I found a family photo album from the 1890s and have taken home for safekeeping!  This has wonderful photos of Victorian and Edwardian lifestyles.  Anyway, back to the dress, which was handmade by Trixie in the 1950s.  I decided to sell it on E-bay and it was bought by Julie from BeachBygones - see - Julie was featured wearing the dress in Homes & Antiques magazine's August issue! I was so pleased to see the dress being worn again that I contacted Julie and sent her some original photos of its owner, which you can see on her blog.

Other finds included a stash of vintage linen, all handmade, some of which I have sold.  I also have a huge bag of 40s/50s fabrics which I want to re-invent into something useful, not decided on projects yet though and am looking for inspiration! Trixie and her family lived in a lifetime when nothing was thrown away - her kitchen cupboards were heaving with homemade jams and pickles from the 1980s! yuk ...

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  1. What a lovely story, I'm sure Trixie would be proud. I remember reading this article in Homes & Antiques! Small world.